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Varun V Singhi, Founder and Chief Volunteer¬†of Punya, is a young professional working with a leading IT consulting¬†company. Through Punya , he strongly introduces the concept of mass-volunteering and communicates that every individual can pitch in some of their time, energy and effort in imparting adequate & value education to the needy children of our society – to ensure empowered, healthy and responsible future generations.It may not be easy work at the start but we should be persistent in our efforts and be optimist about significant outcomes out of it. He asserts that volunteering work for any chosen cause can be done with two approaches: at individual level or with a group of like-minded people – following later brings more ideas, ownership, results, deep collective fulfillment and bonding among team members. His inspiring thoughts and exceptional community-formation skills have drawn and continues to attract, several motivated people from across the globe, over past 4 years, to come together and contribute to Punya’s cause. He was recently selected as one of 100 young leaders from around the world to participate in Startingbloc Social Innovation Fellowship program in Los Angeles CA.