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PUNYA is an Initative of bridging the gap between the RURAL and URBAN India

PUNYA is a sanskrit word which means auspicious and merit earned through right thought, word and action .It is registered as a non-governmental, non-religious, non-profitable and voluntary social welfare organization promoted by like-minded young professionals, dynamic entrepreneurs, enthusiastic students and effervescent youths who share a drive to do their bit towards bringing in a perceptible change in the society through education

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision : Punya envisions a self sufficient and powerful India by providing access to quality universal education to deserving individuals which facilitates a just, equitable and humane society Our Mission : Punya‘s mission is to provide quality education to the deserving individuals who are backward both economically and socially

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Aditya Patni


Vinod S Singhi

Komal Sharma

Komal Sharma

Punya Volunteer


Chirag Hemani

Punya Volunteer from Bangalore