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Thinking of making a difference….!!! Join PUNYA

It is rightly said that “The way you think the way you become”. Just think

good… if you are the one who is reading this it surely means that we hold our

destinies together and everything we do, see and feel has a purpose of its own.

We are seeking volunteers to join us and make an credible impact on our

society. Punya believes that volunteering is the means to engage the community

and build a more humane and sensitive society around us. Strategically,

volunteering enables societies to transform towards being more just, non-

discriminatory, sensitive and inclusive.”

Volunteering is also about receiving and there are many takeaways for a Volunteer. 

  •       Engage in positive social change
  •       Personal satisfaction and a sense of purpose
  •       Sensitize and become aware of critical issues facing under-privileged childrens
  •       Build project management, organizing skills, team-skills and leadership qualities
  •       Meet and interact with people from all walks of life who share a common purpose
  •       Enhance your educational and career prospects

Whatever your level of interest, passion & commitment, do join us as a

volunteer and bring in the required change which you wish to see yourself.

Write to us at hr.punya@yahoo.com to register as a volunteer today