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Punya Pragati Report is a comprehensive articulation of all the information which a Punya donor would like to know about his contribution. The purpose of this report is to provide a single quarterly update to the donors and the well wishers regarding all major projects undertaken and financial information in a user friendly format to assure them end-to-end tracking of their investments and also ensure that their support makes a measurable difference to the socially and economically deprived This report makes a sincere effort to maintain highest level of quality and transparency of disclosures and is testimony to the strong foundation of Punya .

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Punya Pragati Reporter Year 2010

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Punya Pragati Quarterly Reporter Year 2011

1st Quarterly Report Year 2011 2nd Quarterly Report Year 2011
3rd Quarterly Report Year 2011 4th Quarterly Report Year 2011

Punya Pragati Quarterly Reporter Year 2012

1st Quarterly Report Year 2012 2nd Quarterly Report Year 2012
3rd Quarterly Report Year 2012 4th Quarterly Report Year 2012

Punya Pragati Quarterly Reporter Year 2013

1st Quarterly Report Year 2013 2nd Quarterly Report Year 2013
Half Yearly Report July-December2013

Punya Pragati Half Yearly Reporter Year 2014

1st Half Yearly Report (Jan’14 – Jun’14) 2014
2nd Half Yearly Report (Jul’14 – Dec’14) 2014