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  Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change you want to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi 

In our own small ways, we have formed initiatives that we believe can go a long way in helping others. We often visit orphanages and special schools for children and volunteer with assistance. This doesn’t just create an awareness but also give the volunteers an inside perspective to the different ways of making a difference in society. We believe in group effort & work in teams.

We try to locate places in our regions where we can potentially provide help in teaching and health-care. We then collect ourselves and delve on best possible ways to address the problems of these places. What follows subsequently is beginning of implementations without any further delay. We put special focus on orphanages and disabled’s homes and slum children.

 Below are the specific projects categories where Punya is making a difference:

a.)     Punya Development Projects  

The objective of this project to provide necessary support to the grassroots NGOs which plays a role in the development of Children, Disabled, Education, Elderly, Employment, Environment, Health. Punya provides the necessary financial assistance for their projects after validating their requirements. 

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b.)     Punya Education Scholarship Projects

The objective of this project is to provide financial assistance for quality education to deserving students from rural background who are financially unsound. These students are either identified by our volunteers and surveyors or brought to our attention by the community members themselves. Punya members then interact with these selected students to understand their career goals and aspirations as well as their financial circumstances. If the Punya volunteers are convinced by the student’s case, financial help is offered by channelizing the funds of interested donors to them. It should be noted that this assistance is totally based on merit. Continued financial assistance may also require the student to keep his academic performance above a certain level. All else being equal, this project gives emphasis to girl child education.

A few well deserving cases have been identified, selected and provided with financial assistance to pursue higher education, beyond 10th grade, funds for which have been donated by individual donors. 

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c.)     Punya Education Support Projects  

The long term impact of education is development and reduced migration, Sustainable Income and Economic productivity. Punya’s educational Support Program provides assistance in terms of note books, stationeries, bags and other items to deserving and needy students of Government Schools, Slums and Orphanages to continue basic, higher or vocational education. This project is an attempt to provide all the basic necessities for them to succeed in a healthy and conducive environment. 

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d.)     Punya Food Support Projects  

Punya constantly strives to empower individuals, particularly underprivileged children enabling them to meet basic ambitions of their life and realize their potentials. Through Food Support Projects, Punya provides the basic groceries, meals to the underprivileged children and  elderly poor persons 

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 e.)     Punya Life Support Projects

 Punya provides financial assistance to deserving candidates who are from financially poor background who are unable to meet their family’s medical emergencies expenses. This kind of projects are thoroughly scrutinized by the volunteers initially and all the standard guidelines are followed while getting involved. All the projects are on case to case basis. 

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f.) Punya Micro Finance Projects

 India has over 150 million households with no access to essentials like water, sanitation, healthcare, education and energy. With the combine power of microfinance and technology, Punya believes that it is the most powerful tool to defeat the global poverty. Punya in association with its partner organizations provides small loans to small scale artisans/villagers who want to set up their own business.  As clients repay their micro-loans, the funds are recycled into new loans, thus multiplying the number of poor people who can begin their journey out of poverty.  

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