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Punya was formed with an inclusive goal in mind to uplift under-privileged children of our society. The birth of Punya was conceptualized on 15th August 2009 by Varun V Singhi along with some of his likeminded friends. It was formed with the idea of connecting minds with similar vision, passion, ideas, action plans and commitment. It is all about creating goodness not just for self but for others too and what if both get combined!!!! Yes we are talking about creating satisfaction for your soul and in turn helping the under privileged or not so blessed and granting an essence of peace to their souls. It is this thought that kept hitting the founders of Punya.Punya kick started with its first Project of Notebooks distribution in a Govt. primary school at Chennai which achieved its purpose and later it added its list with sets of smile, satisfaction and passion towards making a difference not just to the society but to the people in large. Milestones have been set in Punya’s progress so far by their small but persistent efforts.

Punya is a dream of few young people who wanted to change the lives of poor children. But we didn’t know what could change their lives forever. Initially we stepped out to help children in orphanages, but later on, we realized that real need was not in providing ‘One day meal’ or ‘ buying clothes’ for them , the change has to take place in their minds – intellectually. To mould them in to successful individuals who could lead their own life without any external dependence. This change was not only required in orphanages alone, but in society at large. So we focused on empowerment of children from villages, lower income families, or without parent which would ultimately change the inequality among different sections of society in the long run. That’s when the major transformation happened in Punya.

Well, possibly everyone in the present generation could have the same desire as Punya to bring about a change. But not many step out as there are not proper channels to reach out to real needy people or they can’t find time out of their professional life, but the burning desire is still there. That’s where Punya came into picture, we formed ‘A bridge between people who want to help and those who are in real need’ , A bridge that is transparent, honest and which breaks the barrier between the contributor and needy people.

In short, through Punya, you will attain the satisfaction of

  • Transforming the lives of many children directly despite your work life.
  • Being able to see the change you are directly influencing.
  • Being part of growing change.